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My Studio

  • Professional Recording Studio
  • Audio-Technica AT2035 Cardioid CondenserMicrophone
  • Pre-Sonus AudioBox USB 96 Advanced Digital Audio Workstation
  • Mac Based System/TwistedWave Audio Editor

Connection & Delivery

  • MP3, WAV, DropBox, ipDTL, Gmail
  • Having a professional recording studio on-site, Alan has the ability to deliver creative, authentic and exceptional performances quickly and conveniently, every time.
  • If your project requires in-house production, or more advanced recording studio/engineering capabilities, Alan can travel to your destination or make arrangements with any number of highly technical, skilled and reputable recording studios in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio, Texas.

On Camera


Alan is a versatile talent with a commanding yet relatable quality.  Alan blends his unique style and disciplined preparation for each opportunity to dial in the right approach to get his client’s message over the line.

Using his broad range and rich vocal characteristics, clients can expect to not only be impressed with his engaging, authentic and confident performances; but, also will appreciate his humility, ability to take direction, and professionalism. From compelling narrative deliveries, to light-hearted commercial work, to audio books, e-learning, corporate voice overs, and live event hosting, Alan is equipped with the tools and believable acting skills to bring your project to life!

After eight years in the commercial film/video and audio production business early in his career, followed by a successful career and deep professional experience as a sales and marketing executive in the healthcare/medical industry, Alan confidently blends his own natural talent with a deep understanding of the business and creative worlds he works in today, to connect with audiences and deliver outstanding work for his clients.


Vocal Characteristics: Bold, Engaging, Powerful, Present, Versatile, Masculine, Educated, Real, Compelling, Badass, Announcer.
He can deliver the line.  Partner with him to activate your brand and lift it above the competition.


D.L.L. Senior Manager, Corporate Creative Lead, Corporate Communications Global, Healthcare Company

As a leading global provider of products and services that support patient care with an emphasis on infection prevention, delivering impactful messaging to our Customers, Associates and Shareholders is a critical component of our communication strategy. Over the years, Alan Cohen has partnered with us to provide a dynamic range of creative services. It is evident that Alan’s breadth of experience in the healthcare industry further fortifies his ability to not only understand complex subject matter; but, also effectively lead, adapt, and deliver dynamic content as it may relate to any industry. Alan brings a voice of confidence, experience, and professionalism that will serve any industry-leading organization, well.

Daryl O’Neal, Executive Director, Sun Radio Foundation, Austin, TX

“Alan has been a tremendous voice-over talent resource, as well as a good friend to our radio stations Sun Radio and the Sun Radio Foundation, a market leading, independent, fully Solar Powered radio station in Austin and Central Texas for almost a decade. As an independent non commercial radio group funded entirely by listener support, as well as corporate underwriting and business donations, it’s critical that our valued financial supporters’ messages convey thoughtful, strong and believable information to our loyal radio audience. Alan’s unique voice characteristics, creative approach to his delivery, and non-broadcast sounding reads have always resulted in this type of high-quality, dependable and consistent support messaging for our clients, and our station. You’ll love working with him!”

Ed Renninger-Such A Voice Coach

“Alan is a versatile talent with a commanding yet relatable quality. His natural masculine tone serves brands looking to make a bold statement that punches through; his playful reads can easily translate to a more traditional announcer approach, and his likability shines in more conversational and relatable copy. Alan is definitely someone you want to partner with to activate your brand and get your message across.”

Steve Levit, President/Creative Director, Levit Agency, Los Angeles, CA

“Working with Alan on a series of radio promotions for our client’s restaurant chains was an absolute pleasure. We were looking for something many voice over artists can’t capture- a strong retail read, combined with a touch of comedic goofiness. Alan was willing and very able to play with us to “find the fun” in the scripts while still delivering the retail message. All that, and a genuinely nice guy. He’s on my go-to list for strong male voice over artists.”

Jeffry Jones, Creative Director, TLG Advertising, Houston, TX

“Great pipes…great reads…exceedingly pleasant to work with in every way, it’s a comfort to know we can always rely on Alan to deliver exactly what the project needs.”

Dennis Coleman, DR Advertising, LLC, Austin, TX

“I have known and worked with Alan for a number of years now. His professionalism and desire to give the client what they want is refreshing. Alan’s preparation before the job is greatly appreciated, and his enunciation and clarity of voice is superb. I look forward to working with him more extensively in the future when the projects are available!”

Shari St. Clair at KLRN in San Antonio

“Alan provided us with a major-market sounding VO for our show intro. His voice has the authoritative yet warm sound we wanted. Excellent work!”

ponderosa steakhouse voiced by Alan Cohen on-camera & voice actor
giddy voiced by Alan Cohen on-camera & voice actor
klrn San Antonio voiced by Alan Cohen on-camera & voice actor
fat brands voiced by Alan Cohen on-camera & voice actor
on the record voiced by Alan Cohen on-camera & voice actor
hurricane grill & wings voiced by Alan Cohen on-camera & voice actor
kelsey care voiced by Alan Cohen on-camera & voice actor
crosswinds voiced by Alan Cohen on-camera & voice actor
sun radio voiced by Alan Cohen on-camera & voice actor
Leaf Guard voiced by Alan Cohen on-camera & voice actor
kelsey seybold clinic voiced by Alan Cohen on-camera & voice actor
buffalo's voiced by Alan Cohen on-camera & voice actor
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